Area of Focus


In light of the trouble in the Middle East, US oil interest in this region of the world calls for
a redirection of interest. Already, major US oil companies are engaged in oil and gas
exploration and production in Nigeria. Beyond crude oil exploration, drilling, services
and supplies, Nigeria holds potential for other targeted markets for products and
services that US firms can take interest in capturing, which include:

Main Investment Focus

• High technology industries;
• Agro and allied business and industry;
• Environmental products, services and technology (waste management, soil, air
and water pollution control and remediation);
• Forestry and timber industry;
• Science and technology, research and education and;
• Commercial and residential real estate development;
• Telecommunication;
• Transportation services, equipment and supplies;
• Infrastructure planning and development (road construction, sewage systems,
water supply, electric power generation);
• Health care services (hospital equipment and supplies);
• Mineral resources mining (gold, diamond, uranium, zinc, emeralds); and
• Tourism