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The Nigerian Chamber of Commerce-USA (NICOCUSA) is an international trade organization interested in facilitating and nurturing an environment conducive to creating business alliances between the United States and Nigeria, and enable, particularly businesses to capitalize on the emerging trade and investment opportunities in the largest market in Africa.

Our Mission

To create enough awareness to sensitize, primarily, the U.S. congress, business leaders and the public about the potentials and tremendous growth opportunities offered by of the emerging Nigerian economy. To establish strategic alliance between the United States and Nigeria to enable increased exploration, promotion and development of mutually rewarding international trade and investment opportunities. To increase international trade and investments opportunities between the United States and Nigeria. To increase opportunities to generate new sources of revenues for governments, businesses and workers. To improve quality of live and environment in Nigeria with improved national economy. To increase and improve cultural and academic exchanges and relationship between both countries.

Our Vision

NICOCUSA seeks to stimulate a vibrant business economy for US businesses and Nigerian business to trade, while being reputed as one of the best chambers of commerce across the nation.

About Us

Nigerian Chamber of Commerce-USA (NICOCUSA) was founded by Gregory Ihenacho in the year 2002. As an enterprising young man, Mr. Ihenacho perceived the imperative and effects of business network. NICOCUSA was therefore created to bridge the gap that exists between business communities in the United States and in Nigeria. The founder, who has passion for creating a vibrant and sustainable international business league, has profoundly been of remarkable impact in bringing together so many Nigerian and US businesses to liaise since the establishment of NICOCUSA. The organization, which was fashioned to promote business and information exchange between the United States and Nigeria, is currently held in high repute.

The Nigerian Chamber of Commerce-USA is established to promote international trade, cultural and education exchanges between the peoples and business communities of the United States and Nigeria. Our approach is to lobby both countries’ law makers; fight unfavorable trade policies and restrictions, hold periodic trade briefings and assiduously work to correct the poor image and perception many Americans associate with the Nigerian government, and Nigerians in general.

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