From Our Founder

I am pleased to take this opportunity to introduce to you the Nigerian Chamber of Commerce-USA (NICOCUSA),

NICOCUSA is an international trade organization interested in facilitating and nurturing an environment conducive to creating business alliances between the United States and Nigeria, and enable, particularly United States’ businesses to capitalize on the emerging trade and investment opportunities in the largest market in Africa.  Nigeria has one of the most dynamic, business-oriented economies in Africa, and is the continent’s largest market. Nigeria is the eighth largest oil-producing nation in the world, and one of US major oil trading partners. With a population of over 175 million people, Nigeria accounts for about 20 percent of the population of Africa; has the largest Afro-descendant population in the world; and occupies an area more than twice the size of California.  Nigeria has great potential for a diversified manufacturing base and a vibrant commercial environment.

Our goal is to raise the awareness of the U.S. political leaders and businesses about opportunities for international trade and investments in Nigeria.  The United States and the business community have a lot to offer in terms of products and services in a variety of market sectors. It’s for this reason that, while the attention for international trade between Nigeria and the United States has centered around Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas, we believe that we work on connecting the rest of the United States will go a long way to help us accomplish our goal.


Gregory U. Ihenacho
Founder and CEO